Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Here are some shots of the munchkins looking not so munchkiny at the past two sunday football games. I don't really have details on scores, but i'm sure dillon rocked. he looks pretty fierce out there. maeve on the other hand looks less fierce and more adorable.

The week Christian was here

So i still have to put on some photos of all the fun we had with christian and nano. the olive picking party was this weekend and it was a lot of fun and a lot of food. then we had a halloween party. which was very fun. now it's back to work, but i'm glad to report that we have wednesday off... All Saint's day... wonderful! So hopefully i'll be up to something fun on my day off. here's a movie i made a while back of the starlings at termini. Unfortunately the quality isn't so good here... you can watch it full screen on YouTube, but the real one that i can't upload is just better. but i guess you get the idea... Also i should apologize for my shakey hand.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Cute pup!

My sister sent me this little clip of her and Augie doing a physical challenge! it's like a big obstacle course and Augie seems to rock at it. Ok a few times he goes astray, but the important thing is that he comes back. those must be some pretty delicious treats he gets! i'm extremely impressed. all simon knows how to do is sleep in hilarious positions. maybe i should set up an agility course at home!!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Liv, Garvey and meat fondue

liv and garvey were in town the other weekend and we went to this fondue place. it was pretty cool because they gave you a plate of raw steak with sauces and there was a fondue set with hot oil... you skewered your meat piece and stuck it in the pot. there was also cheese fondue... which (as previously seen) i love. it was good to see those guys and know that they are well up in forli.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

tivoli/other hilarious simon sleeping photos

Over the summer, after peppe did his paragliding class,

we went to Tivoli to Villa d'Este. in the summer months they light up the fountains at night. it was quite a spectacular event.

I also want to share some other hilarious simon sleeping photos, if not only because i love them, also because her fans are begging for more!!!!!


First off i would like to apologize for my lack of posts in recent days, especially to vincent, my most avid reader. The problem, that i was having some technical difficulties with my camera, were adorably solved by peppe last night.

So we spent the weekend in Catania, Sicily. It was AMAZING!! Peppe picked me up at the airport friday night with cannoli from st. moritz - a famous pastry shop filled with famous sicilan pastries.

The hotel was great and there was this beautiful park next to it. In the park was this great tree. I want a tree like this. Here's a picture of peppe and the tree.

On saturday we went to Mt Etna. We took the telecabine up to something like 2500meters. then we walked up even more. Although i was scared, I was reassured that there was no chance of having to run from an eruption like in an Indiana Jones movie. It was just amazing to see all the lava, and to think that this thing is really still active!! Here's a great shot of a house that didn't make it. At 7:30am on monday morning, out the window of a Boeing 737, headed to rome, we spotted a fire-red streak chasing itself down the side of Etna. That was a WOW moment. These people live awefully close to imminent doom.

Sunday we went to Taormina - which is this amaaazing city up on the top of a huge cliff. Let's just say that there's a view.
Unfortuantly i was still having techincal difficulties with my camera (don't know why, it's the latest model ;-) so i had to buy a disposable camera. i'll be getting those pictures back later this week and i'll throw some up then.
The icing on the cake was that the food in catania is wonderful. we ate fish and caponata and pasta alla norma and eggplant and ricotta and wine... everything was unbelievably good... it was just better than one can imagine....

Aside from all that we have a wonderful visitor coming to rome tomorrow night... Christian..... YAY!! Here's a picture of Christian and i in his natural habitat.

Monday, October 16, 2006

simon sleeps

in moto andando al lavoro

Monday monday

it's monday. peppe and i had a relaxing WE. cait and stef went to naples and p was still a bit sick. so friday we stayed in and watched "night on earth" again. and simon cracked us up with her hilarious sleeping position. You can check out youtube for some video snipets of this hilarious event - but i put them here too.

Dad just sent me some new photos of the munchins cheering and being animals on the field. Lucky for us, he went out an purchased a real zoom lens. i see he is taking his job a bit more seriously... which is very good. Unfortunately, I'm not sure who won the game, but if i know my stuff, it was melrose! Look out for #10...

Friday, October 13, 2006

Memory Pillows

In case anyone is in need of a memory pillow, you all know who to go to...
here is grace's website

For my friends who forget what i look like

I'm worried that my friends have forgotten what i look like, so here's a photo from sardegna this year, peppe doesn't look especially cute... that's a shame, but hey, it's MY blog.

there's also one from the wedding i went to in france this summer.

and one of me eating fondue in geneva when i visited my friend ana. my face is red because the fondue is hot cheese and i'm drinking white wine. it's fun, but makes you really hot.

The Citypad

So on wednesday Vincent, Vanessa, Arnaud, Ariella, Seb came over and had some wine and snacks with Peppe and I. Vanessa said she really likes the place and that she's just not saying that to be nice. So i guess it's cute! Here's a photo of peppe eating all the snacks before everyone showed up. I can't blame him... the mozzerella was really good!

I'm also tossing on a shot of Vincent's brand new nephew - just because he's absolutely adorable. Say "hi" to Clément!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The three headed monster

i just thought i'd remind everyone about the three headed monster. it's been a long time since they've been together, but with the wedding coming up... it seems it may happen quite soon! i miss you alana. sooo much. actually i miss you caitlin. she's going to run around in circles for months and then fly away... rumor has it that she's in rieti today... maybe fixing on a date. fingers crossed.

#10 is rad

This is from the game on Sunday, Dillon was lined up in front of the ref. In this play he caught the touchdown pass!! GO D!

Monday, October 09, 2006


i just received some new photos!! here's my little star cheerleader... MAEVE

Unfortunately the man i hired for the job is in need of a better lens to capture the real action on the field. he tells me that dillon is #10, and i don't exactly see a #10 in this photo... but i guess we get the general idea... he's a crazy machine out there!!!

Ted's new house

On another note, here's my brother's new house. it seems he did the whole buy-sell-movein thing in secret. i think that was wise; i've had one too many optamistic friends totally jinx a place one too many times. or maybe i haven't, but i totally believe in that kind of stuff. CONGRATS TO TED!!! the place sounds and looks fabbo and everything about it totally convienent and lending itself to more munchkin time and more playtime. way to go!!! i also will post my most recent munchkin photos in the hopes of guilting some family member into sending me something a little more recent ;-)

Monday Oct 9 2006

today is monday. stef used to call me on mondays and say... HEEEALLLYY let's getta coffee.... now stef isn't around. he's not missing much, really. the WE was fine. we went to LUZI (giorgio's fav!) after the OTR on friday and had pizza with matt, mirjam, vin/van, peppe and arnaud. saturday peppe and i biked into town from the casetta, even after having forgotten the bike lock at home - which was a major setback - but we didn't let it stop us. so we rode around a bit - tried AGAIN to see cartier-bresson and failed... Peppe said he would never try again. but he was just being dramatic cause we went on sunday a.m. after our sat night indian food date. the exhibit was nice. not enough on rome, but some great portraits mostly of people who i felt guilty for not remembering what they were famous for. for example what exactly did samuel beckett do? yes, his name sounds familiar... then last night we watched a stupid movie that i kind of loved called "just like heaven" mostly i loved it cause i think mark ruffalo is adorable. but it was super cheesy and peppe didn't even care enough to watch the kiss at the end... now i'm at "work". "working" will post some photos of the new place soon. wish you could SEE it jules...

Monday, October 02, 2006

You Tube

i would like to share some videos with you...

Monday Oct 2 2006

Julien left this a.m. or maybe he's leaving this afternoon. either way... he, sadly, won't be part of our little rome world anymore... we will miss him horribly. how many dinners we had in s.lorenzo these past three years? how many trips to cansano? how many OTR's and sabaudia's and camping and house parties... it's gonna be different without him. But I wish him well and luck in Madrid! Because that is very exciting. and new. and fun. and useful.