Friday, October 13, 2006

The Citypad

So on wednesday Vincent, Vanessa, Arnaud, Ariella, Seb came over and had some wine and snacks with Peppe and I. Vanessa said she really likes the place and that she's just not saying that to be nice. So i guess it's cute! Here's a photo of peppe eating all the snacks before everyone showed up. I can't blame him... the mozzerella was really good!

I'm also tossing on a shot of Vincent's brand new nephew - just because he's absolutely adorable. Say "hi" to Clément!

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erinchealy said...

You're the woman. Love the blog. Motivated me to get my own, and also set up writing blog, what with the two books underway.

Don't know if Rome is showing "The Departed" but if you get a chance, go see it. Dropkick Murphy's soundtrack rocks. Marky Marky is hilarious. Damon is a heck of a lot more appealing than Zip Connelly, the FBI weasel who was keeping Whitey out of the slam. Not the true Southie mob story -- actually a remake of some asian double-agent flick -- and lots (LOTS) of shooting, but not to be missed by any Irish-American colleen, wheather she's living abroad or not.

John is trucking along, very stressed with the long hours, heavy boxes, run-away two-wheelers, narrow alleys, and ... POLITICALLY INCORRECT WARNING ... that nobody speaks Eglish! He does like the driving part, though.

Dry cranberry harvest is in; wet harvest starting soon. I'll send pics.

The apartment is way cool, very nice lines and decor!

Much love, your sister