Friday, October 13, 2006

For my friends who forget what i look like

I'm worried that my friends have forgotten what i look like, so here's a photo from sardegna this year, peppe doesn't look especially cute... that's a shame, but hey, it's MY blog.

there's also one from the wedding i went to in france this summer.

and one of me eating fondue in geneva when i visited my friend ana. my face is red because the fondue is hot cheese and i'm drinking white wine. it's fun, but makes you really hot.


peppe said...

and thanks for posting ugly pictures of me, and me doing the peace sign at a wedding....what the hell?? but it was late in the night after some have to admit i am not a total moron..

skinnytooth said...

Peppe, you play it so innocent! You ALWAYS make those PEACE signs!! Let alone the corna! It serves you right they be published.