Monday, October 16, 2006

Monday monday

it's monday. peppe and i had a relaxing WE. cait and stef went to naples and p was still a bit sick. so friday we stayed in and watched "night on earth" again. and simon cracked us up with her hilarious sleeping position. You can check out youtube for some video snipets of this hilarious event - but i put them here too.

Dad just sent me some new photos of the munchins cheering and being animals on the field. Lucky for us, he went out an purchased a real zoom lens. i see he is taking his job a bit more seriously... which is very good. Unfortunately, I'm not sure who won the game, but if i know my stuff, it was melrose! Look out for #10...


peter said...

This cat Simon seems to be easier to live with than Mouni. And she's a female. Compliments.
I hate Mouni but I love you Emelie.

emeliehealy said...

i love you too pito pito. you are the most adorable french bulldog that i've ever met.