Monday, October 02, 2006

Monday Oct 2 2006

Julien left this a.m. or maybe he's leaving this afternoon. either way... he, sadly, won't be part of our little rome world anymore... we will miss him horribly. how many dinners we had in s.lorenzo these past three years? how many trips to cansano? how many OTR's and sabaudia's and camping and house parties... it's gonna be different without him. But I wish him well and luck in Madrid! Because that is very exciting. and new. and fun. and useful.


jahpoopee said...

Yes, and sardinia and saxa's the beginning of the end. but as a friend of mine says, "change is good" and it brings good things. So lets plan a trip to madrid! (and barcelona...) ciao JUles.

skinnytooth said...

Oh sad! we're sad. Who said change is good? since when do i blog? life is upside down. i love you guys.

skinnytooth said...

You aren't a LEO emdog

jules said...

aie guys, ow are you aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. cool this is my first ever blog comment. i feel quite weird.
i miss you guys hope everyone is good i am buy shoes againe today.
in paris starting to study. di is in aix en provence i will go there soon. grey here. listening to ani. i listen to ani? sometimes.
see you soon.