Monday, October 09, 2006

Monday Oct 9 2006

today is monday. stef used to call me on mondays and say... HEEEALLLYY let's getta coffee.... now stef isn't around. he's not missing much, really. the WE was fine. we went to LUZI (giorgio's fav!) after the OTR on friday and had pizza with matt, mirjam, vin/van, peppe and arnaud. saturday peppe and i biked into town from the casetta, even after having forgotten the bike lock at home - which was a major setback - but we didn't let it stop us. so we rode around a bit - tried AGAIN to see cartier-bresson and failed... Peppe said he would never try again. but he was just being dramatic cause we went on sunday a.m. after our sat night indian food date. the exhibit was nice. not enough on rome, but some great portraits mostly of people who i felt guilty for not remembering what they were famous for. for example what exactly did samuel beckett do? yes, his name sounds familiar... then last night we watched a stupid movie that i kind of loved called "just like heaven" mostly i loved it cause i think mark ruffalo is adorable. but it was super cheesy and peppe didn't even care enough to watch the kiss at the end... now i'm at "work". "working" will post some photos of the new place soon. wish you could SEE it jules...

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