Tuesday, October 24, 2006


First off i would like to apologize for my lack of posts in recent days, especially to vincent, my most avid reader. The problem, that i was having some technical difficulties with my camera, were adorably solved by peppe last night.

So we spent the weekend in Catania, Sicily. It was AMAZING!! Peppe picked me up at the airport friday night with cannoli from st. moritz - a famous pastry shop filled with famous sicilan pastries.

The hotel was great and there was this beautiful park next to it. In the park was this great tree. I want a tree like this. Here's a picture of peppe and the tree.

On saturday we went to Mt Etna. We took the telecabine up to something like 2500meters. then we walked up even more. Although i was scared, I was reassured that there was no chance of having to run from an eruption like in an Indiana Jones movie. It was just amazing to see all the lava, and to think that this thing is really still active!! Here's a great shot of a house that didn't make it. At 7:30am on monday morning, out the window of a Boeing 737, headed to rome, we spotted a fire-red streak chasing itself down the side of Etna. That was a WOW moment. These people live awefully close to imminent doom.

Sunday we went to Taormina - which is this amaaazing city up on the top of a huge cliff. Let's just say that there's a view.
Unfortuantly i was still having techincal difficulties with my camera (don't know why, it's the latest model ;-) so i had to buy a disposable camera. i'll be getting those pictures back later this week and i'll throw some up then.
The icing on the cake was that the food in catania is wonderful. we ate fish and caponata and pasta alla norma and eggplant and ricotta and wine... everything was unbelievably good... it was just better than one can imagine....

Aside from all that we have a wonderful visitor coming to rome tomorrow night... Christian..... YAY!! Here's a picture of Christian and i in his natural habitat.

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