Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The week Christian was here

So i still have to put on some photos of all the fun we had with christian and nano. the olive picking party was this weekend and it was a lot of fun and a lot of food. then we had a halloween party. which was very fun. now it's back to work, but i'm glad to report that we have wednesday off... All Saint's day... wonderful! So hopefully i'll be up to something fun on my day off. here's a movie i made a while back of the starlings at termini. Unfortunately the quality isn't so good here... you can watch it full screen on YouTube, but the real one that i can't upload is just better. but i guess you get the idea... Also i should apologize for my shakey hand.


skinnytooth said...

The week christian was here rocked, and stornis rock. I like your blog so much, it fills me with joy. I will always read it, even when i forget to tell you i do, and i will always like it. why do you think vincent is your most avid reader? i challenge him.

whaleclubber said...

i agree. christian is the coolest. skinnytootlin is cool too, i suppose.
and that week in rome rocked the free world like there was no simile fit to describe it. furthermore, similie in rome is a fantastic blog. write on, emlilie.