Thursday, November 30, 2006

Birthday's !!!

since peppe's mom let me take some of her photos, i also have some from our birthdays in june. i thought that they were a good reminder of warm weather (look how tan cait is!!!) and of being the gang in rome. i am sure to miss those days oh so very much.

Here's a few more of thanksgiving.

There were some techincal difficulties with the camera, so they came out a bit dark. Luckily picasa let's me lighten them up a bit! Here you can see how much fun we had and tinfoil we went through.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Gobble. gobble.

I guess i was kinda distracted during the actual dinner part of thanksgiving because all my photos are from before everyone arrived. maybe i will get some from the others... if so, i'll put them on to. sorry that these are so boring.

Friday, November 24, 2006


I have to highlight peter's blog for two reasons
1) he is an avid reader of my blog and always comments
2) he is the only dog that i know who is able to upload photos.

(apologies for the language choice... i'm on his case to get it translated, but you try talking to peter about anything logical and see how he reacts!!)


Hi... apologies for the lack of posting. i definitely do have to get you all updated.

Unfortunately, i don't have any photos yet from thanksgiving dinner, but it was a great night. we had a lovely time. the turkey was great (thanks to that thermometer thing), the mashed potatoes too, the pies were yummy. and everything turned out o.k. i can put some photos on when i get around to downloading them from my camera.

For now, you can enjoy some photos from the weekend of me dog-sitting vanessa and vincent's peter... isn't he adorable? he took me for a walk on Saturday. i asked him so many times where we were going, but he wouldn't tell me. and then the leash tightened... he launched forward, gasping and huffing at his tiny prey, helpless, but for the thin metal wires of a plastic cage -- full of baby bunnies. i realized at this point that they were only safe because of my hold on this leash. i felt the responsibility tighten around my wrist. i really would have felt horrible if peter destroyed the baby bunnies in front of the adorable children who were there... begging for a bunny for christmas. lucky for them, i restrained the beast from his attack (but i still had to wait about 20 minutes before his highness was ready to leave...). we made a bond that day, peter and i, he'd love me forever because i let him go to the pet store and drool at all the little helpless animals - something his parents don't really accept as normal behavior. i'm like the cool babysitter that gives you chocolate before sending you to bed really late after watching a PG-13 movie.
This is just because she is irresistible.

My workmate sent me this photo of simon from when she was just a little kitty. i am so sorry, but i had to put it on. do you all hate me for this excessive cat attention? do you think i'm weird?

Monday, November 13, 2006


We managed to convince matt and mirjam to join summer and peppe and i for a nice break up in cansano.
we left rome saturday in the afternoon, got to cansano and tried to heat up the house. then we lit a fire in the fireplace which caused Summer to have to evacuate her room because the room upstairs fills up with smoke when you light the fire downstairs... but we got some good roasted chestnuts out of it. matt found those under a tree in swissland and brought them all the way to us. here's a picture of this craazy cloud over giorgio's house that we marvelled at for a while...after eating some fried scamorza and pasta alla chitarra and polenta on saturday at the lovely Faggeto, we hiked a bit on sunday up the Marone. here's the view from our "top" which wasn't necessarily the top of the mountain or anything. matt had commented that it was "the fried scamorza version of weather". and i just loved that. here's summer and peppe and peppe and me, the view and how far we got according to my photo from the Majella last week and a glimpse of the corno grande del gran sasso are a few of Summer's photos... peppe's house is the one WITH shutters on the left of the photo.when we came down we were surprised to find a VW beetle meeting. It was cute. here's some photos of that too.... it was a great time, with some great friends.

Saturday, November 11, 2006


I have to apologize for putting so many pictures of simon on... but it's just so funny!! tonight, i made her mad cause she was sooooooooo comfy and i couldn't control my laughter while i was trying to take pictures of her. oh god. she's got some hilarious sleeping positions...........

Friday, November 10, 2006


it's friday... and i'm glad. the sun is shining. went for a walk with summer for lunch. really was so nice out... it's Friday OTR time in just a bit. we have some plans to go up to cansano again this weekend. it was really nice to be there last weekend. so i hope we don't encounter any obstacles with the plan. rome is nice in the winter and the summer, but this in between time... just makes you want to get out a bit on the weekends. it's still nice up there. so might as well take advantage of it before it becomes one big icicle province...
i don't really have any photos to put up.... so how about one from the funnest wedding ever? try to find peppe!!

and here's a few from the weekend over the summer that peppe and i went up to abruzzo... it looks very different there now...

Sunday, November 05, 2006

christian's simon photos

while christian was staying with us he, with his snappy camera, took some nice simon shots. i thought i should pass them along....

all saint's day and cansano

we all had wednesday off for all saint's day. peppe and i went up near rieti and walked around a bit in the woods. it was fun.

on saturday peppe wanted to try to get in a paragliding flight, but it was too windy. after that we headed to cansano. today we went for a nice hike near the passo san leonardo. driving back we passed some pretty cows. they wanted to say "hi" so we stopped and let then be photographed.

Olives and olives and olives!

Here are some photos from the olive picking party. It was great to see nano and francesco! and obviously having christian here was a super highlight!! And we were paid for our hard work with lots of food. which was more than acceptable.