Monday, November 13, 2006


We managed to convince matt and mirjam to join summer and peppe and i for a nice break up in cansano.
we left rome saturday in the afternoon, got to cansano and tried to heat up the house. then we lit a fire in the fireplace which caused Summer to have to evacuate her room because the room upstairs fills up with smoke when you light the fire downstairs... but we got some good roasted chestnuts out of it. matt found those under a tree in swissland and brought them all the way to us. here's a picture of this craazy cloud over giorgio's house that we marvelled at for a while...after eating some fried scamorza and pasta alla chitarra and polenta on saturday at the lovely Faggeto, we hiked a bit on sunday up the Marone. here's the view from our "top" which wasn't necessarily the top of the mountain or anything. matt had commented that it was "the fried scamorza version of weather". and i just loved that. here's summer and peppe and peppe and me, the view and how far we got according to my photo from the Majella last week and a glimpse of the corno grande del gran sasso are a few of Summer's photos... peppe's house is the one WITH shutters on the left of the photo.when we came down we were surprised to find a VW beetle meeting. It was cute. here's some photos of that too.... it was a great time, with some great friends.


Anonymous said...

Hi Em,
You certainly have an exciting life!

love from your mom

skinnytooth said...

well i'm jealous!sounds like soooo much fun and i hope we can do it again in the near future.
We, instead, spent the wkend almost dying of exhaustion after taking on a mountain bike trail we could not truly ride with 100 pounds each in panniers.We rode 45 kilometers in sand and gravel uphill,ok fine sometimes downhill but seemingly rarely, then another 25 to the train station, then another 25 because the train station was closed...right back to perth by...midnight!I have wounds, fell off bike, feel like an old woman,and even got TICKS!wanna come next time? or should we plan a trip to cansano?there was no faggetto out there on the trail...
love cait

emelie said...

ewww... that's horrible! i would have cried! i would love to. cansano misses you too!!