Friday, November 03, 2006

more catania and ETNA!

so peppe was a doll and really went out of the way to pick up my photos last night even though there was a ton of traffic and it totally wasn't on his way home. so today there are lots of photos to show you all how amazing etna was. there is something incredible about walking up an active volcano that... well... it's just spooky and windy and beautiful... above is peppe on the gondola that lifts you up etna.

Catania was such a fun, lively city. As we walked around on sunday we came across a band playing in the town gazebo. Walking along the main street we came to this decked out horsie. i thought his unifrom was worth sharing.

So after we walked around on sunday we went to taormina... this amazing hilltop town that around 400BC was a Greek colony, but gave in to the romans in 212 BC. the panorama and the shot of town i took. there is this amazing amphitheater there. unfortunately the trusty disposable camera had run out of photos so i had to steal that one from the internets. but, trust me, it looked just like this!!!

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enrico said...

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