Monday, December 04, 2006

cait and stef

Caitlin and stef get back today. Anna is chaperoning cait and me to the seamstress after work. The seamstress will fix caitlin's wedding gown. i'm sure it'll be an experience and i wish that i could put photos of it up, but i guess that's bad luck or something.... i suppose the rest of the week and the weekend will be full of stories from australia and fun, as it will be the last normal (ie not wedding) weekend with my buddies, before they head off to lionland.

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skinnytooth said...

lionland? well kiddo. i sure am glad you came along and atleast one thing is done since i got back 24 hours ago. it's crunch time!! emelie and peppe have been experiencing wedding job delegation with only a few complaints. more to come!! love, me