Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Mucho Muggio!

So, I promise wedding photos are to come, but mine aren't so good... i'm kinda waiting to see if the friends manage to share a bit so that i can select the best of the bunch. HINT HINT. Instead, i'll tell you all about our weekend in Muggio!
*p.s. this is the first post with new, fancy camera (thanks mom and dad!) so if you click on these photos, you'll be AMAZED!!!

we took the train to milan and rented a car. Even though we took the "slower" (ie scariest, twistiest, narrowest road in the world!) road to Muggio, we were just in time for Mirjam's fondue and ana was already there!

on saturday we went for a walk through the gorgeous countryside that is the Muggio Valley. matt and mirjam have a special little place to call home. the view is breathtaking and the village itself, adorable, rustic, yet not isolated. this is the entrance to their home!
We walked up the mountain and had a little picnic all together. then we walked back down again.
when we made it to the swizterland/italy line peppe stood on the wall and jumped into italy. what he hadn't realized was that the leaves were not just covering the ground, but were two feet deep. needless to say, he ended up face down in the leaves, but he was a really good sport about it. once we knew it was o.k. to laugh, it kind of became the highlight of the day.
This stuff is for my dad, because if anyone is interested in intercontinental boundary drill holes... it's him.
I is for Italy. S is for Switzerland. and yes, they are on opposite sides of the same rock.

When we got back to the casale Mirjam made us a swiss specialty which she referred to as the "bomb". it rocked. she also made some traditional swiss bread for sunday morning.

i regret not taking a picture of the final product... as it neared perfection. it was so nice to sit by the fire with bread in the oven... i'm sure you can imagine the country home sensations running through the place. after all the craziness that was december and january, we thought going away for our first weekend without craziness, was crazy, but alas, it really was perfect! it was also really nice to see them and think about what our caitlin is experiencing in nairobi in the same moments. Speaking of which, we have news from kenya! i can't even try to paraphrase the email (which was soooo wonderful and i appreciated so much, cait!) ... but as a summary, it seems that their spirits are high and that, although it's all very foreign and strange, they are enjoying it (o.k., spliced with some harrowing moments, but still, the animals and the scenes are all very exciting). and i think that they are o.k. and i'm glad. really glad to know that.

on sunday we explored lugano a bit after seeing Matt's architecture project at his school in mendrisio. the project was very cool. Lugano is very ritzy, which i didn't expect at all, but i guess everyone else knew. quite a contrast to the natural landscape of muggio. it has a pretty lake surrounded by mountains. we walked around a little and ate some food by the lake. Ana took us to a public garden which was very fairytalesque. it was so wonderful to see her and get some hiking, eating and drinking in... ahhh muggio, i miss you already!


skinnytooth said...

Emgod! best blog ever! and partly because your photos are amazing, so rest assured, your camera was the way to go! seems you go tmuch more comfortable with it. hey, that one of mirjam is a great indoor shot, wicked! so glad to see. I guess our twin cameras are takiong very different kinds of pics now, but growing on both of us...
hope you're well
love, miss

emeliehealy said...

Yeah. i've learned lots of tricks. the most important one being that the best photos come out when you use manual settings. you can get warm indoor lighting by changing the lighting bit at the bottom of the screen to "cloudy day". your photos are unreal! just unreal!

stefano said...

Manca un piccolo motoscafo sul lago. Ci starebbe proprio bene un Colombo 32 magari con le fiancate Red Toreador!!!!

emeliehealy said...

Si! É vero!! Quando arriva la barca piu bella nel mondo??