Monday, January 29, 2007

Snowshoeing In National Park of Abruzzo

This weekend peppe and I went to the OTR and then had a nice dinner with Lisa. It was probably the last dinner we'll have before she leaves on Wednesday :-( But you never know, maybe we'll see her tonight for a big sendoff.. She's off to Oaklahoma to be with her fiancé, Gary, who we all got to meet on new years.

Then saturday we thought about going up to cansano, but in the end decided to go up on Sunday morning to the National Park of Abruzzo (Lazio and Molise). the park was no where near as wonderful as the Majella. we drove around for hours looking for trails that we saw on the map...

but that were no where to be seen on the ROAD. poorly marked trails and the people were...well... not really sporty, but more like pains in the as*.

BUT we were so super lucky, because just as we were about to give up (Peppe acutally said "i'd rather go back to rome." when i pointed out a x-country ski path full of screaming children and lazy grandparents knocking eachother over with their poles as an option for trying out my new showshoes..) we found a real off-the-beaten-track trail that ended up being really beautiful! it was a lovely, warm, sunny day. there was a lot of snow on the ground. and it was really fun. and i love my snowshoes and my new camera. yay!! (CLICK on photo to enlarge)

so now i don't know whether to love or hate that place. i do doubt that we'll be back there anytime soon. but at least we know one nice place to go... (press play to view)

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