Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Duxbury Girlz...

This is where we are from...
I would describe duxbury as a nice, small town. the sea is beautiful and it's very, very new englandy. there is a strange tradition of riding out ONTO the beach in your suv's and trucks that is hard to belive. it's not the most sustainable event, but you do have a great time doing it. i miss duxbury.

I've gotten some updates about what my girls are up to and i found it so interesting and even funny and definitely shareable that i thought i would make them all famous and put them up on my blog! i guess we don't usually talk to each other that much about what regular days are like... so here you have it! we'll start things off with Al.

ALEX - Alexandra Michelle Muenze
A few days ago their childhood obesity campaign started at work. This is the website that Alexandra did (don't worry, a webmaster actually made it, she just wrote it) http://www.metrowestkids.org/, and below is the first billboard going up in the next few days all around the towns here. they have gotten lots of press in papers here, the globe, channel 5 etc. Shortly thereafter another email explaining that they were on the front of boston.com and then shortly after that no one could get in touch with her cause the press was banging down her door!! now she's pretty much famous in the metro-west area.

HAGS - Erin Hagerty -
Erin recently created, in one afternoon, the most successful email campaign thus far for her company which sells interactive portable whiteboard solutions (which are very cool!)! And the sales are already pouring in! This is the first time she truly took control of the templates - all images (including the signature) are totally erinized using graphic design and software. Here is a movie clip that a school in Virginia made about mimio for their web site - see for yourself just how cool interactive portable whiteboards are!

LOU - Louisa Smith
Louisa is "just learning for the sake of learning really" and doing little that means anything besides a consulting project for Iams dog food. its still sort of a grind and full of constant embarrassing moments... a few days ago she had to give a little speech to an amphitheater.
as for fun.... don't worry! she went to Montreal with 200 classmates last weekend and ran around and went to hockey games and all stayed in the same hotel! Then she went to the samples concert over at Killington last Thursday. Oh yes, there was a "beach party" on Saturday
here at school...dressed up in summer crap like a looser and danced around to steel drums. John came cause he loves dress up events.* i just LOOOOVE these photos!!!

* i made that up cause i thought it was funny. john did not visit because he loves dress up events, but rather cause he wanted to hang out with lou.

Jo - Josie Hewitt
miss josie has just returned from a biz buying trip in Tuscon, AZ. She bought enough beads to start her spring/valentines day collection! http://jojolovesyou.com Her awesome creations are bejeweling the necks, wrists and ears of only the hippest chicks in town!!
a few of my favs are:

** I should probably note that all of this is pretty much direct quote. i'm not that clever.


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