Friday, February 23, 2007

Get to know your bike.

get to know your bike by taking parts of it apart and putting it back together again.
Someone with some knowledge
Paper Towels
Grease in a spray form
Grease in a tube form
Grease all over the place
Special soap to remove grease
A box of tools
More tools
More grease
Trusty butter knife

When Tara got to town and inherited caitlin's bike, there was so much joy in the idea. having a bike. biking around rome. becoming fierce. i am glad for cait that her bike didn't just rust away and die in the fao bike parking area. and i know she misses it. so it must bring some comfort to think that it's merely being kept safe for her and it will be here for her if ever she pops back in... crazy chain 'n'all... in the mean time my Schwinn cruiser had become sluggish, even obstinate - at times refusing standing pedaling, at times refusing abrupt braking maneuvers. we thought, what a great time for a tune-up. and what do you know? peppe was free.

so thus began the great bike tune-up day 1. the day started with getting said bikes into upside down position. aptly performed by star mechanics 1 and 2. (who later discovered much easier method than wresting the thing into sideways first then arms all around oh - crap - flipping over i go i'm going over it no i've got it yeah there we go i'm fine that was easy i'm fine peppe and i didn't scratch my ankle with the pedal doing something you consider easy no i didn't that was already there thank you). then step two we go purchase beer and snack, leaving peppe to work out some details. step three. this is where it got interesting. t's got the tire off, tools all over the place, putting in new tube, adding tire back on, pumping, nozzles. looks like a pro. she's got it all under control.

i've got my bike upside down unscrewing all kinds of things and leaving them in order to screw back on. greasing. cleaning. we literally worked wonders. peppe was there as a guide and very useful in flipping bikes upright and pumping tires. we'll give him a little bit of credit for that part, i guess... well he was also doing a small bit of instructing.

needless to say, in the end, the prettiest cousin bikes sat, looking adoringly at us for our hard work, patience and love. and for this we hope they will support our bums through many a trafficy roman day.

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