Monday, March 12, 2007


why not?? Or rather, why...? because, as i've recently found out, it's delicious!! so that's what i'm gonna do with my orange tree.... i'm going into liqueur business. i like it. thanks to our extremely pregnant friend who has "a lot of time on her hands" the idea has come to fruition. yes, she walked to the FAO to buy me and her 2liters a piece of pure alcohol while being just three days away from her due date... now that's what puts the fun in bitter orange liqueur. and in return she got a bag of oranges... fair trade? ... hey no one thought she'd walk it.
did i already ask if anyone wants any oranges? right. sorry.

Here we have the trusty ingredients of the amarancello (yes, i made that name up, i think.)

you basically cut off the rinds of 8 oranges and let it soak in pure DRINKING alcohol for 5 days or so...

then it'll look like that. you then remove the rinds and add a syrup made of 1L of water and 800g of sugar. I added more water after cause i got nervous it would be too strong. but i think it'd be just about right that way. that's why i'm giving myself a second and third chance... always room for improvement in the liqueur business.second and third chance. i wish i could have you all over for a nice chilled glass of amarancello. it rocks.


skinnytooth said...

Emdog! you are a crafty sorceress!
I am so so wildly impressed by your ability to start making marmelade, gardens and alcohol in such a short time span, let the creative juices keep flowing!!!

Grace said...

Hi Skinnytooth,

I think Em is just trying to find things to do to keep busy now that you are not in Rome with her to play, etc. She misses you and Stef, and so now she makes marmelade, orange lemoncello (I realize this is a contradiction but I don't know what it is called), gardens and who knows what else!!

Hope all is well in Africa and you are that you are a very happy married lady!!

Love you,