Friday, March 02, 2007

U Grow Gurl!

It's growing time! I started the process out by going through the "BIBLE" of planting. it's in italian, so i mostly skim. i picked things out and looked at when they had to go in, and was reminded of all the things out there to plant. i made a little sketch of a possible garden. and i rather liked it. and then peppe reviewed it and most of the original plan passed step one. i felt proud. my first garden design. i rock. Step two was a second inspection of the gardening area and a redrawing of crop boundaries. and then the next step was to bring said proposal to parental units for final approval. We were very happy when the garden plan was given full approval and even talk of a pumpkin and watermelon patch was included. this part especially excited me as pumpkin is in my veins. or something. it at least gave me big ideas for pumpkin pie.

The next thing i had to do was to buy the seeds. i was sent alone on this mission and found it a bit daunting. there was a whole isle for seeds! ok. relax. different brands. but how do you know? different types of zucchini... they all look the same? roman, milanese, sicilian. ahhhhh!!! what do i like? what do we like? how do i know???? so i think i spent two hours there, pacing the seed isle like a lunatic and i came back with most of what we needed. and a serious case of the dizzies. i even picked out some fun ones - i like my round zucchini.

then the planting started. t and peppe spent sunday organizing the greenhouse and making cute little planters with all the things that wanted to start now.


Anonymous said...

Hi Em. Looks great! I am just playing around in our little mini garden too. Very exciting. You can give us some tips. See you soon. Matt in Muggio

skinnytooth said...

I can't believe how springy it looks in that nascent garden, and what a great idea, but you didn't list what you CHOSE finally! What shall we be eating at your place?

emeliehealy said...

well, we will be eating lots of zucchini, radishes, lettuce, melon, carrots, peas, green beans, artichoke, eggplant, tomaotes, ummm... and i forget! other stuff too! i'm this close to convincing peppe's mom that we need a pumpkin/watermelon patch.