Thursday, April 26, 2007

December 29th - The Best Day Ever

Nairobi has contacted. the pigeon has landed. there are new wedding photos online...
the night that went down in history as December 29th, The Best Day Ever!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Radishes and police women...

we're beginning to reap the benefits of all the gardening we've been doing.... which is great cause it's becoming a part time job. a little inspiration is definitely welcomed. the radishes are gorgeous... and super spicy.... here's one for you to see...

i also thought i would put up a picture of some agretti which we made recently. it's not as wild looking as roman broccoli, but still pretty fun. it's a lot of work to clean that stuff, and i'm not quite sure if it's totally worth it... but it's kinda fascinating stuff. i would describe it as a veggie, in the line of chicory and swiss chard (bieta), or spinich... i guess that's not too helpful. but anyway, i'm kinda fascinated it's messy hairdo and so maybe some of you are too ....
on a much more fun note, last night we went and saw what i thought was a stunningly great show at the circolo degli artisti... very fun, indeed. joan as police woman rocked the house... and then sushed it and then screamed at it and finally slurred over it... she's an adorable little character and i highly recommend checking her and her group out if they come to your parts...

it was a fun night out with some great friends... although a little late for a sunday. we're all slugging through today.... Oi Vey!!! (p.s. we miss you jay-bird!)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Pizza Toss

i'm sure all my boston peops saw this a million times. ... maybe not?? but for some reason, i just couldn't stop laughing. i love the commentators.

Red Sox Fan Pizza Toss - Click Here for more great videos and pictures!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Ice Ice Baby!!!

So remember how i was just saying that it feels like spring in Rome? well it still does... but i guess it feels like spring in like, oh i don't know, Tampa or Tallahassee or something. Yesterday i started to get over this horrible affliction (yes, f&f, i have been sick - pharyngitis = really sore throat and temperature thing. I've been held hostage in my house without the energy to even water the plants. ) i got better and yesterday afternoon i came in to work and the beautiful spring day was pouring in the windows. Italians around me all in cheery moods. laughing and smiling. then a dark cloud took over the sky, leaving bright, sunny bits still on the roof top.
"wow", we said.
then came the rain. it was really unbelievable. we were all at the windows like little kids. "wow!". And then, like it came; it stopped. Immediately! 1.5 min of incredible, overpowering rain. But wait.... there's a big rainbow!"Wow!"
"But the sky is still so daaaarr...... HOLY !$*!@ HAIL!!!!! RUN!!!!" (well we didn't really have to run... but a little added adventure never hurt a blog.)
it was the kinda hail that you just never see. These two are from out our window at work (courtesy of a colleague).

it reminded me of a day in Sydney...
The problem was that I had to go out in it! iI had to go to the ground floor and walk through the plastic-ceiling "atrium" with leaks pouring water all over the floor and the noise of a million shooting ranges echoing through your ears. I had to!
Iarrived at the front door with 50 people waiting... for a break. no break. waiting. nope, no break. running. then i got to the street. it was a river!!
"How do we cross this river?", the people were asking each other.
"Let's look together and cross together. "
but there was no good place to cross... it was just a river. Strong like the Tiber, but instead replacing the Aventino road.
"There's just no way to cross... we must go through!". people up to their knees wading across streets!!!!! ahhhhhh..... and when i arrived my doctor was like... "umm... you're wondering why your sick?"
no. not really.
the roman drainage system. we'll leave that complaint for another day.....
anyways. i didn't have my camera, but someone else always does....
disclaimer: I come from new england - where weather is news - and everyone thinks it interesting.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Spring Forward.

there's a lot to say about Rome in spring. there is outrageous fashion to make fun of - it's something like a city full of Glamour No-Nos. there are young couples just going for it in parks - taking PDA to an incredibly new level. all the scenes and all the people - sounds the alarm... Spring is here!

Last night i went for one of my first outdoor apperitivo's of the season. Which is a real testament to spring arriving and good weather. Rome is lucky enough to have a copious amount of bars and caf├ęs with outdoor seating. Once spring sets in one can expect to sit down for a wine or campari in the waning sunlight, munching on little snacks at least once a week.

I have been trying to be a bit more creative with my photo taking. here are a few of what Rome looks like now.

and a little video i made of my bus ride to work.

These are some shots from lunch the other day. FAO has a lovely terrace and we eat in the sun (well we push part of the table into the shade cause vincent has delicate skin and eyes) but mostly we eat in the sun. This specific day we were celebrating because Vincent just signed a new contract. Vincent celebrates with two peace signs - he's a bit like lindsay lohan. I'm pretty sure that they're going to stay for a while longer... which i couldn't be happier about. The one of Vanessa is very cute.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy, happy Easter!

Happy Easter to all my bunnies! What a day!?! It was a bit excessive, but really lovely. Ahhh.... long weekends coupled with feasting... what more can you ask for? We had such a nice Easter lunch. The table was so pretty and the weather was lovely (though it did rain in the evening).

Anna made an unbelievable artichoke tort. It was just delicious. There was also the traditional umbria pie - which is a bit like a cheesy bread pie with little bits of salami and ham in it. There was the Easter cake, another cheesy cake with ham and hard boiled eggs in it, more hard boiled eggs, fave beans, cheese, salami, the Colombo (a sweet cake), lamb, potatoes and this lovely pie from down south. She made pretty much everything herself and it all came out perfect!! (and ridiculously good.)and of course there was chocolate. lots and lots of chocolate. and chocolate disguised as fish. nap time....But before easter, was good friday... and I thought long and hard about actually going in to work on Friday. I mean no one was around to play with and I thought it would be good to make up some days that I'll be having to make up later on... but when push came to shove, I just couldn't do it. Instead I spent the whole day drinking Iced Cafe Latte and reading in the sun. It was deliciously nice.

Thursday night we had gone to the Circolo degli Artisti There was CocoRosie playing and it was a great show. The most spectacular thing about this band was their drummer, or rather human beat box. unreal.

I have really never, ever seen anything like it in my life. They are pretty eclectic and very cool. we had a great night. The "Artist's Circle" is just such an awesome place to see shows. We are hoping to go see Joan as Police Woman there very soon.

Yesterday we worked the garden like crazy. We were so tired afterwards. i don't think we did anything... oh wait. we watched LOST. What is going on with that show anyways? It makes me angry, but i can't stop watching it. I'm totally addicted.

The artichoke plants are really gorgeous. I'm not sure how many years they've been there, but this year it seems there are a ton.

here's where we put in the zucchini, radishes and peas.
little tomato plants, please bring us lots of tomatoes.

peas and zucchini:

Thursday, April 05, 2007

spring spring spring

So yesterday i found out that my great friend, alex, is really gonna come for a visit! it's been talked about for a while, but i've learnt to try not to get too excited till the ticket's been bought. and i'm so happy to say that it's for real. the real shizzle. watch out rome! so now i'm totally planning what we're gonna do. i think we have one/two days together before her friends arrive and i was thinking about hitting up sperlonga with her.... i guess it's a while away, but still - no harm in a little planning. this summer is gonna rock.
pretty sperlonga:

so onto the gardening:

this is the wicked little mint area...
this area was inspired by the concept of mojitos... yay mojitos!! we are planning on having quite a few this summer and now we don't have to go far for the mint!
we've got four little plants of three differnt types.

over the weekend we really did work hard. tara and jay came and helped out alot. that was fun. we put some zucchini and radishes into the garden and we're getting ready to plant some others this weekend.
the crazy orange tree ended up with a big haircut. it was kinda scary, but in the end i think she looks much better. and we ended up with a lot of oranges - so it may be preserving time again....
we also spent some time ripping apart and separating our little strawberry mess. it resulted in this whole strawberry area. which is totally great. then we tamed the jasmine-beast and the guys made this great little space which we tossed some bulbs and plants into... we'll see what becomes of it. i think we have to wait three months to see.... simon is still kinda curious about it - which is funny to see.

that's it for now...