Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Ice Ice Baby!!!

So remember how i was just saying that it feels like spring in Rome? well it still does... but i guess it feels like spring in like, oh i don't know, Tampa or Tallahassee or something. Yesterday i started to get over this horrible affliction (yes, f&f, i have been sick - pharyngitis = really sore throat and temperature thing. I've been held hostage in my house without the energy to even water the plants. ) i got better and yesterday afternoon i came in to work and the beautiful spring day was pouring in the windows. Italians around me all in cheery moods. laughing and smiling. then a dark cloud took over the sky, leaving bright, sunny bits still on the roof top.
"wow", we said.
then came the rain. it was really unbelievable. we were all at the windows like little kids. "wow!". And then, like it came; it stopped. Immediately! 1.5 min of incredible, overpowering rain. But wait.... there's a big rainbow!"Wow!"
"But the sky is still so daaaarr...... HOLY !$*!@ HAIL!!!!! RUN!!!!" (well we didn't really have to run... but a little added adventure never hurt a blog.)
it was the kinda hail that you just never see. These two are from out our window at work (courtesy of a colleague).

it reminded me of a day in Sydney...
The problem was that I had to go out in it! iI had to go to the ground floor and walk through the plastic-ceiling "atrium" with leaks pouring water all over the floor and the noise of a million shooting ranges echoing through your ears. I had to!
Iarrived at the front door with 50 people waiting... for a break. no break. waiting. nope, no break. running. then i got to the street. it was a river!!
"How do we cross this river?", the people were asking each other.
"Let's look together and cross together. "
but there was no good place to cross... it was just a river. Strong like the Tiber, but instead replacing the Aventino road.
"There's just no way to cross... we must go through!". people up to their knees wading across streets!!!!! ahhhhhh..... and when i arrived my doctor was like... "umm... you're wondering why your sick?"
no. not really.
the roman drainage system. we'll leave that complaint for another day.....
anyways. i didn't have my camera, but someone else always does....
disclaimer: I come from new england - where weather is news - and everyone thinks it interesting.

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