Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy, happy Easter!

Happy Easter to all my bunnies! What a day!?! It was a bit excessive, but really lovely. Ahhh.... long weekends coupled with feasting... what more can you ask for? We had such a nice Easter lunch. The table was so pretty and the weather was lovely (though it did rain in the evening).

Anna made an unbelievable artichoke tort. It was just delicious. There was also the traditional umbria pie - which is a bit like a cheesy bread pie with little bits of salami and ham in it. There was the Easter cake, another cheesy cake with ham and hard boiled eggs in it, more hard boiled eggs, fave beans, cheese, salami, the Colombo (a sweet cake), lamb, potatoes and this lovely pie from down south. She made pretty much everything herself and it all came out perfect!! (and ridiculously good.)and of course there was chocolate. lots and lots of chocolate. and chocolate disguised as fish. nap time....But before easter, was good friday... and I thought long and hard about actually going in to work on Friday. I mean no one was around to play with and I thought it would be good to make up some days that I'll be having to make up later on... but when push came to shove, I just couldn't do it. Instead I spent the whole day drinking Iced Cafe Latte and reading in the sun. It was deliciously nice.

Thursday night we had gone to the Circolo degli Artisti There was CocoRosie playing and it was a great show. The most spectacular thing about this band was their drummer, or rather human beat box. unreal.

I have really never, ever seen anything like it in my life. They are pretty eclectic and very cool. we had a great night. The "Artist's Circle" is just such an awesome place to see shows. We are hoping to go see Joan as Police Woman there very soon.

Yesterday we worked the garden like crazy. We were so tired afterwards. i don't think we did anything... oh wait. we watched LOST. What is going on with that show anyways? It makes me angry, but i can't stop watching it. I'm totally addicted.

The artichoke plants are really gorgeous. I'm not sure how many years they've been there, but this year it seems there are a ton.

here's where we put in the zucchini, radishes and peas.
little tomato plants, please bring us lots of tomatoes.

peas and zucchini:

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