Thursday, April 05, 2007

spring spring spring

So yesterday i found out that my great friend, alex, is really gonna come for a visit! it's been talked about for a while, but i've learnt to try not to get too excited till the ticket's been bought. and i'm so happy to say that it's for real. the real shizzle. watch out rome! so now i'm totally planning what we're gonna do. i think we have one/two days together before her friends arrive and i was thinking about hitting up sperlonga with her.... i guess it's a while away, but still - no harm in a little planning. this summer is gonna rock.
pretty sperlonga:

so onto the gardening:

this is the wicked little mint area...
this area was inspired by the concept of mojitos... yay mojitos!! we are planning on having quite a few this summer and now we don't have to go far for the mint!
we've got four little plants of three differnt types.

over the weekend we really did work hard. tara and jay came and helped out alot. that was fun. we put some zucchini and radishes into the garden and we're getting ready to plant some others this weekend.
the crazy orange tree ended up with a big haircut. it was kinda scary, but in the end i think she looks much better. and we ended up with a lot of oranges - so it may be preserving time again....
we also spent some time ripping apart and separating our little strawberry mess. it resulted in this whole strawberry area. which is totally great. then we tamed the jasmine-beast and the guys made this great little space which we tossed some bulbs and plants into... we'll see what becomes of it. i think we have to wait three months to see.... simon is still kinda curious about it - which is funny to see.

that's it for now...

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A. Muenze said...

YAYYYY I can't wait to visit!