Friday, May 11, 2007

arnaud, vanessa, alex and oscar the hottest kids on the block!

i really never thought my friends would get mad at me for not getting enough exposure on, but i guess i was totally wrong. it seems that they do care. it seems that it may actually be "cool" to be on my blog... featured on my blog. with your name in the title... in neon lights... "VANESSA!!!!!" "ALEX!!!" "ARNAUD!!!!!" it seems that they want to be famous and think that being on my blog may propel them into that realm of famousness which is so coveted by the french and belgian... no but seriously, they do have a good chance of being famous in france or in belgium cause there's only like two famous people in each country as of now.... the odds are for it! here is vanessa channelling paris hilton and alex channelling nicole richie.... aren't they just the cutest? and arnaud, well he channeled something, i think... on this one... or someone....

and then this one is his ford's modeling agency shot... it's available in wallet and 5x7 sizes. he is a cutie-pie and likes being called 'honey' cause he's full of love. we love him for that... he's actually got a GREAT story about how an american waitress called him honey once... it's a great story if you've got some time to kill... but no one tells a story like arnaud. you gotta stick around for the punch line... wait is there gonna be a punch line, arnaud? ARNAUUUUDDD???????

he's funny, adorable and almost impossible to understand all at once...
i also want to say that the funniest thing that i heard today was:
"Ya know... Cauliflower is BULLS*#T, i think". which means two things: 1) oscar is hilarious 2) you guys have another chance at the OTR to outfunny him... Good luck! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

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