Friday, May 11, 2007

Bringing in the bounty!

I was so super excited last night when i discovered that we have zucchini!!

personally i like the round ones cause i think that they're fun. but they were all really, really good. and i'm not just saying that. i swear.
when watering the garden i spotted a few that were ready - as far as my standards go - and i also got the overwhelming sensation by looking at how many plants there are that we're going to have A LOT of zucchini this summer. Luckily my friends like it, but i'm also probably going to have to learn how to jar it, which will be fun. Oh god, i'm such a dork. really. i'm going to dedicate this post to how dorky i am. it's scary, but i can't stop it... like yesterday when i asked oscar to bring me his avocado pits when he makes his famous guacamole for the party we are throwing on saturday... it just slipped out. "bring me a few pits and we'll try to grow a plant." and then i'm thinking... oh god, i'm really crossing a line here. soon there will be no going back. i could loose friends like this. oh whatever. who cares. in honor of louisa and all my other slightly dorky friends... (oh you know who you are...) i am posting the absolute dorkiest picture i have ever had taken of myself. it may rival the one she sent me a while back. yes, it may... thanks to Tara for knowing how to spot a real geek.i figure this can give you an idea of my working environment. peppe is super jealous of my "double monitor situation". ha! looks like we may have spotted another dork!! it also shows you just how very messy my desk is.annnnnnywayyyyyyyyy, back to the first harvest. stefano was cruising around the garden on the tractor and just so happened to have a huge swiss army knife in his pocket that he's very proud of. i believe it was a gift from piero. it had it's debut on easter day and what a debut it was! so he was passing by as i was contemplating ripping zucchini off of the plants. or using my new fingernails to somehow cut through the vine. it really was quite fortunate that he was passing by. i can be so impatient. and dorky.

ZUCCHINI! tomatoes and lettuce... (let us be lovers we'll marry our fortunes together... that one is for Tara as she says that every time i say lettuce... i think this sufficiently puts her in the dork group too.)Peas!if anyone else wants to join the group just write a comment explaining why you think you deserve to be part of the dork group. and yes, being part of dorkestra counts.


P said...

hi, i'm a dork, i admit it. Your double monitor, but mostly your "vintage" atlas you still use for work! awesome.

just wanted to say that twisting the zucchini works well for me in knifeless zucchini hunting situations, it just snaps off on a good twist.


ps. nice blog.

emeliehealy said...

right... that's kinda obvious i guess. i was planning something much more vicious - glad for the tip.