Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Estate Romana 2007!

Ohhh!! the roman summer is arriving. ... can't you feellll it!!?? all the lovely evenings in celimontana and the late apperitivos that turn into dinners. campo and v.governo vecchio. oh and all the shows and events! yeee haw!

so keep yourself in the know with my new google calendar thingy on the sidebar. Anyone can edit it, find out more about an event by clicking on it, or drop me a comment there or here if i'm missing some awesome event. I just started putting events in and the official Estate Romana 2007 guide is not out yet (is it?) so it's definitely just a start. You can also use this calendar for your dashboard to check up on what's going on without having to come here. cool, eh? so let me know what i'm missing or what sites to check for shows. also i went through the Circolo degli Artisti site, but only know like 4 bands that are playing... who else is good? anyone??? bueller....?

this summer is gonna rock out! let's get organized! let's be prepared! let's not miss the white stripes!!!

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