Monday, May 14, 2007

Let the teardrops fall.......

so the sad, sad news is that tara left. it was a fun party. but it was a sad sunday... god we're gonna miss her.
it's like she's always coming in and out of our lives... and each time it's much harder to say goodbye. at least we are gonna get to see her and jay soon when we go out to vancouver this fall. and that's an awesome thing to have to look forward to. and it makes it just a little bit easier... maybe we'll even see them sooner. i know i never thought i was going to get to see caitlin before like years and now it's just around the corner... two weeks!

since arnaud wanted "less vegetables and more fun" i will post a few photos of friday night as we did our usual friday night activites, but with extra ummph and went from the OTR (Over The Road) to pizza and then to a party.

anthea (tara's sister) gets her first moto ride and crosses something else off her life list:
As things wind down at the OTR Tara hands Oscar the bike keys and with this solemn gesture passes life onto a new generation of broken-bike riders. it was a sacred moment with lots of thanks to tara for orchestrating it and to caitlin and me, the previous owners of the bike.
the truth is, she's smelling his armpit. i'd like to say it's something else. but it's not.these are from saturday night... the real goodbye party when peppe brought out his b-b-q set which really puts to shame any other more "conventional" set. It seems that his brother, piero, gave it to him for christmas and had wanted him to "get more serious about his hobby". i think piero would have been pleased.

then just in case we hadn't eaten enough on saturday we took anthea and tara to ariccia for her last porchetta (this time!). and a little lazy lounging in the sun. it was a beautiful day. i hope the t-dawg had a nice last weekend. it was sad, but it was oh so fun.................


t-dawg said...

T-dawg had a FABULOUS last weekend in rome.....I miss you kids:((

emeliehealy said...

it's all everyone is talking about... how much we miss that lovely tara girl... can't wait for vancouver!!