Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Oh, yes, we're organized!

As you may have noticed there is now a feature on the top, left-hand side of the page which allows you to enter your email address and get notified when emelieinrome.blogspot.com has been updated. it's a handy little device and works well. basically you'll just receive an email later in the day after i've updated the site. it's very simple to sign up and i recommend it! i also promise not to use or sell your email addresses to anyone.

i've also organized the previous posts into catagories. which is kinda handy and you just may like it.

thanks for all your comments (i love them!) and for using my blog as a way to drop a line and just say hi... send me love... comment!



Cortney said...

I signed up and I'm sure I'll never regret it! Looking forward to getting the latest, up to date info on all of your shenanigans.

emeliehealy said...

You'll never regret it, cort, i promise!