Monday, June 04, 2007

Peppe's amazing spatial memory

ok so some things like "the houseboat" any of us could locate on a map after staying there for a week... but things like "walk around islamic cairo" are absurdly rainman-esque. (was he commiting to memory every step we made? how did he do that?) we did have a running joke that peppe always knew where we were in cairo and could point in the direction of landmarks that we had no idea where they were, but when we came back and he put together this little map with icons and paths taken during the trip, i think everyone was quite impressed.

For map lovers and curious friends and family... check out the really very super cool googlemap that he created by clicking here. zoom in with the sliding bar on the left and click on some of the icons for a great view of our lovely trip to cairo! (dad, you'll love this!)

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Tedzo said...

Who the hell is cooler than my lil' sis?!?! Who?