Friday, July 27, 2007

Piero and Giusy's Wedding - Ravello, July 6, 2007

with a bit of delay i'm posting some photos from Piero and Giusy's wedding on the 6th of July in Ravello.


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hellooooo friends!

so i've been getting a lot of emails asking about the wedding.... i've been thinking about what to write about it, but i've just been so busy trying to "work" that i've really had no time to put anything together. since i have my fabulous friends alana and christian coming to rome tonight (a bit later than expected due to an alitalia strike which will make us miss our boat to sardegna - not that i'm bitter or hate alitalia workers for pulling this S*&T in the middle of summer or anything... sorry... what was i saying?) right..... i realized that i won't have time for a while. so instead of making you wait and wait, i'll just say simply that the wedding was divine. everything was beautiful, especially Giusy. and it was just such a gorgeous setting. i'll leave it at that as i'm running out the door and share with you some photos from David and I. ...

Monday, July 09, 2007

Alex and Paul come to Rome!

So what an amazing summer this has been. I was just graced with the presence of my dear, dear friend Alexandra and her B-F Paul (or fiance, rather) and his friends. It was SUCH a fun weekend and i managed to squueeze a lot of fun into a few days. they, on the other hand, managed to squeeeeeze an incredible amount of Rome into just a few hours. i give them props for their finely tuned tourism skills.

after picking Alex up at the airport we walked around town and hung out with Paul. the weather was great (actually the weather is just amazing these days). when we got to the pantheon the sun was streaming through the opening in the dome, lighting up this sculpture just as it must have been intended to do. remember - this photo was taken from inside a church where the source of light is an opening at the top of the "largest unreinforced concrete dome in the history of architecture". (says wiki)
then we walked around and played "spot the cats" at torre argentina. Paul also made a friend here.

Friday we had special guests at the usual OTR events. (over the road). it was fun to show Alex where i can be found every Friday after work. and to show them a bit what it's like to live here. alex and paul enjoying the 2E beer and 3E prosecco....

we then headed off to miraggio and had a lovely dinner all together with FAO friends.

Saturday night we organized a little cookout and after tossing around the frisbee sat around the table and celebrated a few birthdays. we even brought the shisha out for the occasion. (thanks Francesca!!)
Russ:Peppe mans the grill:Alex and steve:

Sunday Alex and i saddled up the car and headed south to Sperlonga. She didn't really know what to expect from Settebello camping, but BOY was she IMPRESSED!!! i don't have any photos myself, so i'll have to wait for hers, but let's just say that she had expected a little something more "roughing it". ahhhhh Italian campsites... the serenity ;-) the beach was great and we had a lovely dinner in town after carousing the little streets looking at all the items for sale.
beach with kitesurfers:aperitivo spot:
we woke up and hit the town for a last coffee and to admire the bougainvillea:there was a good amount of hustle and bustle for a sleepy beach town on a Monday. then we hit the beach one last time before taking off and heading back to Rome.
walking around Rome and looking at all the pretty monuments. here Paul and Alex patiently pose for me at the Capitoline hill park.

wandering through the streets we came across quite an eclectic bar, but on further thought decided against the bartaruga and settled on something a little more mainstream for a few predinner beers before our Sicilian dinner in trastevere. I did manage to snap alex reclining on the baroque couches in the bartaruga before we ran out of there fearing having to pay for that service
the following night we met up in campo dei fiori before hitting dar filettaro de santa barbara. for some fried cod. here you see me showing off my new jojo that my mom gave me for my birthday and that the girls helped to pick out. at this point it had gotten tired of being worn as a necklace for five days in a row and had moved on to being my new bracelet. isn't it adorable?
here are Alex and Paul at the fried cod place as twilight sets on Rome. p.s. there's a copyright on this photo - so don't you dare use it (mom, that includes you!)! the last night we had a lovely dinner at giggetto with Giorgio and David who had arrived for Piero's wedding.... but that's another day..... another blog entry..... i just hated saying goodbye to Alex. it all went by so quick - as i knew it would... one week is not enough cause I'm a spoiled brat. at least i have just about the funnest thing to look forward to now... their wedding in September, which i could NOT be more excited for!