Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hellooooo friends!

so i've been getting a lot of emails asking about the wedding.... i've been thinking about what to write about it, but i've just been so busy trying to "work" that i've really had no time to put anything together. since i have my fabulous friends alana and christian coming to rome tonight (a bit later than expected due to an alitalia strike which will make us miss our boat to sardegna - not that i'm bitter or hate alitalia workers for pulling this S*&T in the middle of summer or anything... sorry... what was i saying?) right..... i realized that i won't have time for a while. so instead of making you wait and wait, i'll just say simply that the wedding was divine. everything was beautiful, especially Giusy. and it was just such a gorgeous setting. i'll leave it at that as i'm running out the door and share with you some photos from David and I. ...

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skinnytooth said...

EM!thanks for the photos, yay! you found a nice dress, very nice color. was it a bit windy? nice flowers, nice nice nice, nice view...seemed pretty...great! I hope you are enjoying sards.