Wednesday, August 22, 2007

As they say in Port de la Selva...

Adéu!! which means goodbye. bye bye beaches. bye bye late-night pictionary. bye bye rosado seco. bye bye pichon di pallas. bye bye beach and sun. and jamon con manchego. bye bye arnaud & oscar's yellow floating ring. bye bye cataluña. bye bye. adéu!

i would like to start my weary reminsicing by saying that it was very, very hard for the boys to admit two things: 1) alex was the best waterskier of the group 2) alex and i were the best Pétanque players of the group. now to be fair... peppe, gaspard, oscar and balthazar gave us a run for our money and yes, cort and arthur may have "won", but by just stating the obvious, we were the best... you know what i mean - consistancy, accuracy (i'll give that part to alex) and knowing how to talk the talk, scare tactics, etc. we were just better. so now that that's out on the table... we can get down to business.

Gaspard giving it his best shot....
The games were THRILLING. i mean, if you're into curling, you'd probably LOVE pétanque! i am a big pétanque fan, personally. i love the knockouts. i love the aiming. i love moving the little pig. i love the sport and goddamn it(!) i love the hanging around with before dinner drinks and a bucketfull of spirit! our pétanque spectators and fans were also really into the matches - as can be expected. we had people stopping to watch. heck, we had DOGS stopping to watch. well... it's just a fascinating game to watch, especially when the "ALL GIRL" team is kicking a little a**:

not going very well for the boys...
"wait... did i just loose at pétanque or was that a dream?" "no, balt, i'm afraid to say that it's true." heheheee... i'm totally playing - i mean what kind of @##hole reminds people weeks later that they (savegely?) beat them at a silly little game!?! not me, surely. not me. that's just ridiculous behavior!

so our nightly pétanque matches were not the only highlight of the trip!! (hard to believe???) there was also paella, lots of dry rosé wine and lots of big diners, plus the beach, the sea, the boat (entrance to which was mastered by noneother than the famous Arnaud LeMenach)....
what what? take out paella dinner? OK!

chillin' in Figueres...
the tomb of Salvador Dalí
inside the museum.....

Now back in Port de la Selva, where the first historic references to the settlement go back to 974, although it did not become a fully-fledged village until the 18th century, with the construction of its first church, we are playing on the sea. (totally plagerized from some site)

Here we get to see the happy faces of arnaud, oscar and alex. we were lucky enough to get on the boat on the way to the beach.... others drove, some even walked (!). not us, we were on the boat. i do have to say that it was the most freightening experience of my life... but i still feel cool for being on the boat. we went pretty fast and got totally soaked. it was more of an amusement park ride than a method of transportation... but hey, i'm not complaining... i love amusement parks!!!

here arnuad is demonstrating how to get on the boat.

there were alot of moments sitting in the little window sill... many moments of funny laughter and there was even a "what noise can you make" session where some of the friends really impressed some of the other friends with water dripping and dolphins (personally my favorite) and horses and all kinds of other barnyard fun noises. I think we can all agree that those 5 days in Port de la Selva were a most welcomed holiday and more fun than any of us could have imagined. Wow. THANK YOU, BALT!!!!!!!!!!!! I <3 U!!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hotel Raphael

Before i get carried away with all the tales of Spain, I wanted to put up some photos of the lovely aperitivo we had on the terrace of Raphael Hotel in Rome for Ella's goodbye. It was just such a lovely evening full of wine and sunset views and laughs and good times. Ella's departure is coming soon and it is a very sad thing. On top of that today I had the very bad news that Vanessa and Vincent are leaving on the 15th of October, which means that i'll hardly see them as we'll be in the US for most of that time. I won't even comment on how depressed that is making me.................

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Sunny, sunny sards.

it's been a few weeks since we got back from sunny sardinia (or Sardehh ggna as we prefer to call it for some unknown reason), but i guess it's just been kinda busy and i haven't had time to do much, aside from have all of this "required" fun for ages. apologies therefore for the lack of posting. so loads of stuff has happened really since the sunny, sunny trip to sards. Namely Balt's return from the congo (or as we hip UNers call it - The DRC - i mean, i guess a lot of people call it that too - i guess it's just the abreviation - but it does sound really fierce and for some reason, which i can't completely understand, it makes me feel cool to say it.). He showed up in rome a bit furrier, looking for pizza with a little backpack and a dream. so since then we've had all kinds of drinks and dinners and chats and mirtos and gardens and mozzarellas and parties and so on and so forth, all in a kind of sad celebration - knowing that he'll be returning to DRC very soon, leaving us here, lingering for more.

On the very same vibe, our very, very dear friend ella is leaving rome. It's gonna be wicked hard (insert boston accent) to have her go, but we all are wishing her the best of luck on her new blank page and will miss her so very (freakin) dearly. so ugh. the summer moves on.... sad celebrations. i feel cheeky to admit that it's actually amazing how much fun can be had at these sad celebrations... i guess it's never really real and really sad until it's the last one. i just hope i don't cry. anyhow, the last celebration "may" be tonight, depending on if the plans to party at the train station as she passes through town in about a weeks time (i will not lie alcohol has been involved in some of this planning), will come to fruition. but it should just be a lovely night. another rooftop aperitivo. with all of us glamming it up for the photogs. gawd, it hurts to be so lovely. i'll try to take some photos for you all tonight.

anyway...... back to sardegna. seeing alana and christian was amazing though a due reminder of just how hard it is to live so far away from your people. so good to be together. like a sitcom. and in my opinion, a really, really good one. one that's funny, interesting and fascinating all at once. time was scrunched. we had lots of fun and lots of beach time. but it is just never ever ever enough. when they left i felt like i had so much more to say. it was sad. luckily we've have this trip to the states in september so we get to look forward to seeing them again. we're planning on just spending lots of time in the healy hot tub and lounging around with frozen margeritas or something of the sort.

here we are in the harbor on the first day.
about to go for a cruise in stefano's new boat. you can see how utterly small those other little dingys are. they do not even compare in the slightest way to the kind of boats you can see at porto cervo. like the lady moura for example.... what a piece of *&#$! anyway, it's not my style. and i mean that... no offense, sultan of brunei.

here's a shot from shore as the molinario's joined us for a dip in cannigione.Something that we did which i've always wanted to do was go to the ritual which is this club that has been around since the 60s, completely carved into the rock face with all kinds of caves and secret passages. i've been dying to go to for ages, not cause i really need to go to posh clubs, but because it looked like just about the coolest place ever. and i have to say, it was. i mean architecturally - the most outstandingly funky place. the fauna left a bit to be desired... but hey... what can you say? christian was fascinated with it all. there's a very special place that we go for a beer at sunset. these pictures were all taken at the fort. those of you that have been to sardinia with us know about the fort for sure. there's a lot of mystery surrounding this place and i guess i just prefer to keep it that way... makes it seem a bit more surreal than it already is. it's just the coolest suset view ever. i hope that they don't like kill me for putting this one on. but i'm sure there are tons of people dying to see what they look like together and aside from that, they didn't really sound like they checkedt in to the blog that often... and on top of that it's not like i've got a millon readers out there.... actually just three ... signed up at least - not that i wish there were more or anything ;-) anyways, what they don't know can't hurt them. right? how adorable?!i'm going to finish this off by showing you the most luxorious and fancy meal i've ever had in my life. this lobster catalanese (cataluna - catalán) was even more delicious than can be imagined... a serious splurge, but well worth it!! making this post has actually got me a little depressed. so i'm gonna go sulk now. please let me know what you think in the comments!