Friday, November 02, 2007

Gola di Fara San Martino

I wanted to start this post off with a great clip from Creature Comforts. We were at some friends for dinner this week and started talking about this hilarious show by the creator of wallace and gromit... it's humor just speaks for itself. this is one of my favorite clips:

Last weekend we headed out of town for a little nature escape. We got to Cansano around dinner time on saturday. Here i am doing a little knitting (more on that to come), which i've found to be a rather challenging endeavor... but am still finding the patience to push on. Sunday we woke up early (even earlier with the time change!) and headed to fara san martino for a bit of a nature walk.
it was our first time to this specific part of the National Park of the Majella, and it was a really pleasant surprise. In the area there is evidence of prehistoric settlements with the Grotta Porca Arcangeli and artifacts from the bronze age. The town, Fara San Martino is located around the tenth century monastery, San Martino in Valle, founded by Bendectine monks, which is now being unearthed after it was destroyed in a landslide in 1846.

the hike brought us up to this view where we greedily ate a sandwich and then turned around to head back down. hopefully we'll be exploring more of the region in the weeks to come. at the moment i am really loving abruzzo and all of it's rustic charm...

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