Wednesday, February 27, 2008

All dressed up with no where to go.

Lately I've been kind of obsessed with all these new artists and the animals they draw all dressed up for a day on the town, er, or maybe it's humans with animal heads... well, however you choose to see it, I'm loving it! Since I often spend too much of my time sieving through etsy, I thought I'd share with you a few of my favorite finds, just so that you don't have to do all that work... aren't I great?!
"Elephant Love", which is about the sweetest thing ever, is a print of an original, ink piece by Wendy Allegree of orangewillow, a Cincinatti-based artist. I love it too much. You can purchase her prints at her etsy store for a teeny-tiny fifteen dollars, as well as some of her really affordable, original, ink drawings (fifty). There are quite a few great ones to choose from, and she's having a sale - buy three prints, get one free! What a snag. Here are two more of my favorites... ("Musical squirrel" and "Tea Time")

These two cloaked owls at Sydney-based yellowmonday's etsy store are really just too cute!Another great artist, Marjorie of MarmeeCraft, creates these wonderful, whimsical, little critters. Check out her prints at her etsy store. A few of my favorites ... Bashful Birdlings ($16)...
Mr. Fox, Esquire Cabinet Portrait ($16) and Bunny, Cabinet Portrait ($16)We got tempted a few months ago by Berkley Illustration's immaculately-dressed powerful owl, bunny and billy goat (trust me it was a hard decision choosing just those three). I found out about Berkley Illustration from design*sponge, another place where I spend too much time. We're planning on framing and hanging them together, somewhere, and at some point. Knowing that they are sitting in an envelope at my parents house is just fine for now. There are a lot more to choose from and very reasonable at 7 bucks a pop! (p.s. I love the tiger and the horse!)
So when you start searching for animals all dressed up, you are bound to end up on some children's illsutrations pages. Since some of my friends are starting to make children, I figured it's not totally off the mark to throw these on. They are super-cute and, who knows, maybe someone I love is trying to decorate a baby room!

I mean, Kylie Parry's "wellie collects starfish at the beach" made me laugh out loud. (i love that he's a little bit cross-eyed.)"Dance avec moi" by sarah jane is also really sweet and would look great on a bedroom wall (there are other background colors to choose from). Check out her store for some other really cute children's illustrations. So this post has also brought back some really fond childhood memories of sitting in a friend's playroom having her dad read us "Babar" ... I just want to pass a hello along to Mr. M. because without him we would have barely known Babar and never met the Berenstain Bears.

If any of you come across some more artwork that falls into this "dressed up animals" catagory, let us know!!


mental mosaic said...

The first book I ever checked out from the library was a Babar one.

I saw a tile while I was out walking that depicted a sparrow wearing a coat... I'll have to retrace my steps and snap a photo for you. (Hope I can find it.)

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