Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hello Again.

Hi guys.
so i've been hibernating. it's been a while. i know.

for a while i considered just dropping my blog, cause you know, there are other things to do with my time! i felt busy and lazy all at once and i just wasn't sure how important it was for me. i thought a lot about that and then... i started getting complaints. "what's going on with your blog? seriously?" "where the hell are you?" and it really made me happy. i guess i realized that some of you out there, sitting at your desks, playing on the internets , missed me. so i felt kind of honored. and happy. and inspired.

but i had to decide how could change my blog into something that inspires me - something that i could feel motivated to keep working at. i like writing about my goings ons, but it can feel like keeping a diary and i'm soooo bad at that. i guess i started to think of transforming it into more of a platform to share things that i find interesting, beautiful, well-made, hip.... i decided to make my blog what i want it to be... so i will start to focus a little less on what i'm up to personally and socially and a little more on the things that i'm caught by. things that i find. things that i do. concepts and art and design and crafts and projects and and and ... and maybe a little less on how long we stayed at the OTR last weekend....

so i know... it'll be a transition, and i hope that you guys will help me out a little bit in the process, maybe guiding me and giving me ideas, your opinions and sharing what you are into these days. i'd love for this to evolve into something wonderful that represents me and my world and to include a space for you to share what you are loving... so we can all play together again... like when we were kids, but cooler. don't forget, there are the comments or you can shoot me an email - whenever and about whatever.

ok. thanks for coming back after the long cold... and sorry for the ..... pause.
love and kisses,


Anonymous said...

Yeah - I'm glad to see that your back in action. I've missed your posts. FYI - I love hearing how long you spent at OTR.....but I am looking forward to the new format.

Anonymous said...

yo emdog. i am in the living room. i dig it too. I love the link you put of those bike bags. so cool! you going to find a teeny place for Mr. Bailey also? hey get on gchat. ciaoo

Heather {The Lovely Cupboard} said...

Good post- sometimes it seems you can niche your way into a corner and then you feel like it's a chore rather than a creative outlet.

Thanks for stopping by and letting me know how the crab dip turned out! Sounds like a pretty amazing shin dig you had:)